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The Curators

The Curators



Oil on Canvas


This portrait shows a couple known only as the curators. They are the first people within tarogramma to have attempted a coherent history of the place. Until recently the inhabitants were so concerned for the future that the idea of history has been nonexistent. Until now. Additionally it serves as an speculative embassy for the land of Tarogramma.
An excerpt of their mission statement reads - 'Like all museums, this is not an archive of what we know, but what we think we know. In a sense, it is a museum to the unknown - and on that subject there is endless material.

We collect everything related to Tarogramma - that which is known, that which is hypothesised and even that which is untrue.  We collect this information in a hope, perhaps, that when brought together they will tell us something truthful - not only about Tarogramma but about ourselves. Often we are so concerned with looking inwards we miss what is out there'.