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Illustration of a discovery of Tarogramma

Illustration of a discovery of Tarogramma



Charcoal and pastel on paper


Glimpsed through the dense undergrowth, this is the first view of Tarogramma by an unknown group of 17th century explorers. The pink structure is believed to be one of the many research stations that lie on the outskirts of the mysterious place. They are said to be collecting and analysing information in a myriad of different ways. It seems the inhabitants of Tarogramma are searching for answers just as much as we are.  

Very soon after this discovery, the explorers reported entering a ‘dazzling city that seemed to be built as high as the clouds’. As this testimony dates from the late 17th century it raises the question whether Tarogramma is a more advanced civilisation than our own. (A model of this research station can be viewed in the ‘Research Stations’ section of the archive).