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Departure Shrine (Priest of The Void)

Departure Shrine (Priest of The Void)



Oil on Canvas and fabric


Inhabitants of Tarogramma don’t die in the traditional sense. Instead, at some time, for an unknown reason, they begin walking. Slowly but inexorably they walk into an area named the ‘Bliss Field’, a foggy expanse at the edge of Tarogramma. Here, they disappear never to be seen again. Their walk has become a ritual they call the ‘Edge Procession’ where family and friends walk with the person, showering them in flowers and playing music as they depart. These departure shrines are made to celebrate the lives of the departed. They often contain a portrait and items that are symbolic of the person’s life. They can be seen scattered around Tarogramma, often installed at the former residence of the person. (See 'Shrine for Departure (Loverboy)' TARO010)
This, more simplified shrine, is for the death of A priest of the void. A leader of the primary religion. As they do not believe in an afterlife their memorial is a simple portrait of them facing away, into the void. This shrine also includes the cloak of the priest.