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Brick from The Great Palace

Brick from The Great Palace





This brick is all that remains from the Great Palace, built during the short reign of the ill-fated ‘Only King of Tarogramma’. A previously anonymous man, he declared himself the king and set about using his unknown wealth to construct a palace. It was an elaborate construction made from rippled pink bricks that was said to tower above all the surrounding buildings. When the inhabitants of Tarogramma showed no interest in him, he had busts of himself installed all over the city but still no-one would listen to him and often failed to even recognise him. His reign was brought to an end by the complete disinterest of his subjects - a fire snuffed out through lack of oxygen. The ‘Only King of Tarogramma’ remained in his palace as a hermit until one day he was seen walking alone into the Bliss Field never to be seen again.